Values ​​Institute


Motivating  Environment

We foster a motivating workplace  for all the teaching staff and other professionals through practicing accountability , empowerment and fair treatment . This will be supported by recognition and applying a reward / punishing  system .

Customer (Students  and their parents )

We committed to satisfying customers (student's) needs and wants through good communication, improving quality and services, establishing  long  term relationships / partnerships and in line with best practice .


We encourage teamwork across all our internal and external activities and support each other to achieve our objectives successfully .


We trust, respect and support each other; we treat each other as we expect to be treated .

Commitment to HSE

We are committed to protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our teaching staff  and other professionals and in line with the best practice.

Honesty, Integrity and frankness

We are honest and fair in all our dealings and we demonstrate the highest standard of ethics in conducting all internal and external  activities . We are transparent in communicating among other and ourselves.

  Quality and Excellence

We conduct our activities to the highest quality  standards and excellence.

Innovation / Responsiveness

We accept change as a challenge to innovate and  improve  our  performance.