October High Institute For Engineering & Technology Chairman



Eng: Basma Sherin Mohy El Dein  " chairman of the board"

Eng : Nada Sherin Mohy El Dein     " Deputy of the board "

Dr: Sawsan El Tokhy " Founder of Instittute "  God Rest Her Soul

Award from the Founder of Institute Dr: Sawsan El Toukhy

Due to the presence of radical changes in our contemporary world, either from the perspective of economical blocs, political alliances or cultural and ideological exchange and conflict, these changes resulted in a shift in the roles of government and professional entities and communities working in it to rewrite the forms of relations. The breadth of the size of communities and increased demand for services both quantitatively and qualitatively, and the urgency for the speed of response contributed to the emergence and establishment of institutions of civil society as an essential partner to the government to bear the responsibility. Thus, the institutions of civil society has had a fundamental role in achieving community and sustainable development and then to find a balance between environmental and economic systems without depletion of natural resources taking into account the environmental security.
Should be on those institutions to start to do their roles and move beyond reliance on the state to achieve popular participation through the work of an orderly and good coordination and use all appropriate means available to sustain human life. So I see the need to reconsider to give effect to this role and its development in order to maintain sustainable development.
The significance of this article is that the goal of sustainable development is meeting the need of human beings and the achievement of social welfare in the long term while maintaining the base of human and natural resources and reduce the deterioration; and in order to achieve sustainable development in its economic, environmental, humanitarian, social, administrative and technical form, it should be taken into account that this goal can be achieved only through an integrated system for balanced action between the state and civil society institutions. As the State obligations can not fulfill this purpose alone, and where the institutions of civil society played a key role in satisfying the needs of citizens through the exercise of a variety of human activities, therefore, this role should be reconsidered through the diagnosis and assessment of the attempt to reach maximum contribution to achieving sustainable development. Importance of civil society is better highlighted through the development organizations which develop the skills and capacities of individual members to reducing the burden on the government, where it becomes the social institutions’ role as a partner of government’s role in the implementation of programs and plans for comprehensive development in various economical, social, cultural and human aspects, and certainly they receive from the government the support and assistance to carry out this role.
And the High Institute for Engineering and Technology in 6 of October is one of the institutions of civil society that are trying hard to play a key role in the development and upgrading of the living standards of citizens both socially and culturally, and to maintain ecological balance.

If the family plays an important role in the upbringing of generations by being well aware of the nature of the environment and what risks to the community, through the role model of the father and mother who should be interested in hygiene and the rational use of everything so as to reduce or limit the impact of the individual bad consumption of the environment and the goal is to add a useful member of the society who would be well aware of the risks surrounding the environment and be an example to his family.
The role of educational institutions, including the High Institute for Engineering & Technology, in 6 of October, is complementary of the family’s role in improving the behavior of students to raise environmental awareness. It was therefore decided to include a separate subject in the university curricula concerned with the environment as well as the contemporary economic and administrative issues. The University also has held several activities that are consistent with the surrounding environment to strengthen the positive trends and waste recycling. My role as the Chairperson of the Institute is to be concerned with raising the environmental awareness and to integrate with the surrounding environment, through seminars either in public or private media such as radio, television or publications, as well as the operation of the research center. It is also my duty to have a directing role to various aspects of life.